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Thank you beautiful soul for stopping by Pursue Happiness Now


It’s a brand new year and the typical search for the NEW ME begins now. I have long been fascinated with happiness and positivity, happily embracing them into my own life and trying to spread a little joy wherever I go. A girlfriend of mine asked me over Christmas just what does it take to find that happiness and positive perspective (as I’m known as Little Miss Sunshine) in our circle/clique and when I told her the ways in which I found it in the past, and how I’ve been struggling myself lately, she said I should start an online blog and share my happiness and positive energy with more men and women. Her theory was that by my helping you become happier, I would become happier still!

So here I am, and here you are – brought together synchronistically via our very own personal pursuit of happiness. Don’t you just LOVE the way the Universe works?!

Like my blog banner states; I’m just a gal trying to be happier. I’m your normal, typical English Gal trying to be happier and find more happiness and positivity in a world that can be so fear filled, sad, and cruel.

So, my intention is that through Pursue Happiness Now, I will share my tips, tools and tricks to happiness + positivity, and in return, you’ll become happier more positive readers and people in life. The idea is to have a positive knock-on effect. I’ll also share with you my up and down journey – because life is up and down – but it is all a matter of perspective and it’s what we do with what we have that determines how successful our pursuit of happiness is.

So, let’s get a little more friendly, how about we share 3 things about ourselves that spread happiness + positivity? Here’s mine;

1.) I love bright colours such as; turquoise, yellow, orange and pink!

2.) I am a newbie to the practice of Kundalini Yoga – favourite mantra atm; Peace Begins With Me!

3.) Drinking smoothies & eating bright colourful delicious salads make me so happy as they remind me of summertime!

How about you? I’d LOVE to learn 3 things about you that will make me smile! 🙂 Please post in the comments below + share this post if you think it will cheer someone up!

Speak really soon!

Little Miss Sunshine!


Just a side note – most images have been freely sourced from copyright free specific sites unless otherwise stated as “Own”

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