Desire : Too Much or Too Little?


Hi Beautiful Soul,

Yesterday I had a flunky crazy assed day and in turn it made me question what it is that I truly desire. But what is desire? And do we have too much of it or are we not desiring enough?

I sat with this question last night and also this morning. I decided that yesterday I desired happiness – all I wanted was to feel happier than I was in that moment. This morning I got my desire – I woke up happy, I sat in meditation and I journalled.

I journaled about my desires and about the things that I don’t want in my life. And this revealed to me through the support of my teachers + mentors (told you I’m a positivity junkie!) that we will always want more.

Is that a bad thing? Should we be content with what we do have? Or should we run the risk of being called selfish and want more?

I wholeheartedly believe in appreciating my life. I try to make sure I feel it. I really felt deep appreciation for waking up feeling happier + having those moments to myself to journal. But should I want more than that?

Yesterday I wanted to be happier – I was desperate to be happy and all I had to do was decide to be happier. My miracle moment came when I asked myself W.A.I.T (read about W.A.I.T for Happiness here), and today I got my happy (I always want to write it like this >> “happi” when I’m really in my zone – have no idea why), so should I feel content with that or should I want more?  Little Miss Sunshine was running the risk of dimming again.I needed another miracle moment.

A teacher + mentor of mine reminded me today that

Sometimes we just don’t Blow The Lid Off of Our Desires

Which reassuring tells me that it is OK to desire more or even to not desire more – but unless I blow the lid off my desires by desiring more then I can’t really be fulfilled because I’ll always want more. It’s human nature + thank God I am human.

Change is constant. It brings with it uncertainty but something that I read from Susan Jeffer’s Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway was this;

Whatever happens – I’ll handle it! 

And this is so true, because no matter what trials and troubles we’ve had in life – we ARE still here. So we have effectively handled it – no matter what happened.

So to wrap this up because it is kinda getting long – you can tell that I feel that I’m on-to something because I am finding it super hard to just shut up – see what my friends have to put up with? 🙂 Maybe I should do a Podcast on it? What do you think readers? Anyway…

It is Okay to desire more. It is Okay to not desire more. But we have this unlimited capacity to have it all. We can have it all. We should want more. So why limit our desires when we can manifest everything we desire and live a life beyond our wildest dreams? I think it’s time to stop playing small and fill our vessel with everything we desire.

Fulfilling our desires makes us happier which then makes us more pleasant to be around, and it has this knock on effect with the people we are around and then it spreads out further.

So, by making that decision to be in the moment, appreciate our desires manifesting and then desire more,  we are in fact positively impacting the world – and we need a happier world.

Desire. Desire More.

Buy a bigger pot to fill your desires – don’t desire less to fit the pot.

Here’s a handy worksheet I’ve created for you based upon my journaling exercise I did earlier on my desires << what-do-i-desire-in-my-life-worksheet >>

Let me know if this post + worksheet is helpful. I’m just treading water here trying things out, and inviting you along for the journey. I hope this post hasn’t been too deep – I can go off on one at times, if that’s the case – I apologise 🙂

Speak really soon, 

Little Miss Sunshine, 



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  1. This is super inspiring thanks for writing this up! Do you ever feature your writing with other sites at all?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Little Miss Sunshine says:

      Hi Mike, thank you for stopping by. No, I’ve not featured my work anywhere but here…I only created my blog less than a week ago. I didn’t think my writing would be that good – where do think I could write?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Woah no way! You’re nailing it! Well if you’re interested you could feature some similar articles with us at – just shoot me an email anytime –


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