International Thank-You Day


Hi there beautiful soul,

I didn’t intend on blogging today hence why I am doing it during my lunch hour but I noticed that it was “International Thank-You Day” and being Little Miss Sunshine on a journey to more happiness, I could not let let this moment pass by without mentioning a few thank-yous!

Having only started this blog last Friday and joining Twitter on Saturday I am honestly overwhelmed with love + joy at the support + love so many people have shown me.

First of all, to everyone who has signed up to follow this blog – THANK YOU!! You are amazing rock-stars and I luurve you for it! Knowing that you believe in me and what i’m trying to create here in this little corner of the blogosphere is so deeply appreciated. Seriously, my hand is on my heart and I am sending you so much love because to take that step to follow a blog is a serious thing – you are making time in your life to keep in touch with me and this is also extended to everyone who has read or will read my blog – if you happen to be reading this after January 11th … I am truly speechless – so much love to you beautiful people!

Secondly, everyone on Twitter – you are like my blogosphere social media spiritual soul running buddies! Every single one of you that I have tweeted to or DM’d  – THANK YOU!! It’s not an easy thing to join a social media site and throw yourself out there and be unapologetic about who you are, and try to share aspects of yourself with strangers. I had huge fears before joining. i thought I’d be ridiculed perhaps for my ‘happy sense of humour’ + ignored because I was a newbie – I thought there might have been a “Newbie Bus” I’d have to catch and slowly work my way up into being appreciated by pro-bloggers.

I was wrong.

You have all made me feel welcome + you’ve embraced my quirky personality, some more than others (although, perhaps some of you probably would describe me as a whirlwind that stormed onto twitter & left you breathless – I mean speechless! 😉 ) Seriously, though, I have never felt so safe online with a group of new friends who were once strangers to me, and safety online is something that doesn’t come along all too often. We’re all too aware of online bullying + trolling. Thankfully I’ve not had any of that since joining twitter or starting this blog.

So thank you everyone for being the kind of people we need to know more about in society. Thank you for being respectable, respecting and I respect you! Thank you for being a good example of what online social friendships should be like. Thank you for being the beautiful souls you all are, and thank you for being a part of my universe/galaxy!

Please, try to say Thank-You more to the people who touch your lives; your postman/woman, the sales assistants you buy your petrol/lunch from, the older gentleman walking his dog as he fetches his morning newspaper, the people who read your blogs, your tweets, your new online social media friends, say thank you as often as you can! Feeling appreciated is one of THE best feelings in the world, and to give that gift to someone is magical. In turn, appreciating others can have a profoundly positive effect on your own self esteem, self worth and wellbeing.

Who can you thank today?

I thank you for reading this post today,

Speak really soon, 

Little Miss Sunshine





2 Comments Add yours

  1. John Sennett says:

    Thank you for joining the blogging world and for the countless smiles you’ve brought to my face xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Little Miss Sunshine says:

      Thank you for making me feel so welcome, and for admitting that I have made you smile countless times 🙂 x


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