My Plan To GirlBoss 2017


Hey Beautiful Soul, 

I’ve come to a conclusion + It’s actually equally scary as it is exciting.

I’m going to totally #Girlboss 2017!!!

What does that actually mean?

It means I’m finally going for my dreams. I’m going to do everything I can to hustle my ass off until I get that job that’s going to take me places.

I had HUGE dreams as a little girl and year after year following my 14th birthday something rather ‘fuckety’ has blown up in my face + stopped me. Seriously, every time I take a step forward it’s like something comes along + moves me back 50 steps. It’s gotten SO bad that I’m actually taking 1/2 a step now + being thrown back a 100. It’s how it feels + it’s really messing with my chakra alignment 😉 It’s probably not… but it sounded good in my head so I wrote it!

I always had this dream in my head when I was little that when I grew up I would…

  • be a business woman ultimately
  • work in finance – in an accountancy based role
  • would be trained + qualified in insolvency, auditing + fraud investigation (Forensic Accounting)
  • would smash college + uni
  • I’d be wearing quality office workwear
  • I’d have a bank balance to die for
  • Have an enviable figure + the men queuing up as they drool (don’t worry – I wouldn’t fall for it or tolerate it!)
  • Have a hubby + adorable children
  • Nice 5 bedroom house
  • Awesome car
  • Holiday Home in the Sun – specifically a villa in Tuscany
  • A private yacht to relax on

I know they are awesome dreams + probably a little materialistic – BUT I don’t care… they are were my dreams. They ARE my dreams. For a while I’d forgotten that. I’d allowed myself to settle – until now.

Big GirlBoss Plans

So what’s the plan?

If I’m honest It’s still very much in the planning stages BUT the outline is this;

  1. Study accountancy (Check!) I’m enrolled to study for my advanced diploma in accountancy via self study so my motivation has to be on top form!
  2. Get accounts experience – I need to somehow get some experience in an accounts office WITHOUT losing out on earning potential – someone gotta pay the bills!
  3. Act As If – this is in regards to my clothing + behavioural persona –  I need to start acting, thinking, believing that I AM worthy to be an accountant. I have the lowest self esteem at times, + I need to believe in myself more. I matter! I’m not some unfortunate ‘being’ that is taking up space. I have dreams, ambition + plans!
  4. Read Books That Will Propel + Prepare Me For Success – I think we all know I am a self help kinda gal – so this will be the easiest aspect of the plan for me – reading select books that I believe will help me make an impact in my life + girlboss my career dreams
  5. Visualise, Meditate + Manifest – This is another aspect of myself that I believe will help me if only in my own self belief. I am a big believer in the power of visualisation, meditation + manifestation. Perhaps I’ll blog more about this in the future.
  6. Get The Dream Job – I just need to get my dream job!

So there’s my revelation + conclusion on GirlBossing 2017 – Obviously I need to iron out the fine details of this exact plan but you gotta start somewhere right? By the end of 2017 I plan on announcing that I have FINALLY gotten my dream job in accounts! So I will share my personal development, career development, self help motivation + girlboss journey with you here.

If you have a GirlBoss Dream – just go for it! Seriously… our dreams matter more than our excuses/blocks/’fuckety reasons’. Just go out there + Kick Ass! You deserve to be happy! We all do,

Speak really soon,

Little Miss Sunshine,




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  1. You’ve got this! Take 2017 for a ride and become a GirlBoss! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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