How To Protect Your Happy Vibe


Hey Beautiful Soul, 

If you’ve been reading my blog then you’ll be aware that my latest posts have been a mixture of low vibe + stressed out to hopeful + girlboss optimism. And I hand on heart fully apologise for being so low vibe lately, I truly do. It’s never my intention to be low vibe + stressy. But I’m back!

Today I have had one of the most amazing days + in conclusion it means that right now as I sit here + write to you my dear friend – I am feeling so happy, so positive, so in my zone, hanging out in my vortex of happiness – + I KNOW that the Universe (insert your own word for your own belief in something greater than us) truly has my back!

After having a full on stressy + fuckety couple of weeks the very fact that I am feeling much more high vibe + much happier + full on SUNSHINEY is a miracle – a true change in perception. And I want to keep it that way! Which is why I am here right now – to help you keep your vibe high. To give both myself + you a reminder + a lesson is ways we can make sure that we protect our own happiness. To protect ourselves when the stress comes, when people + circumstances come along because they do – that’s life, when they come along and bring with them the fuckety energy + vibe.

We all know I love my self help + I love my kundalini yoga + kundalini yoga meditation & mantras. We know that I believe in working through our anxieties + fears (well I hope we do  know that – we do now!). But these are all things that I continue to struggle with but I equally thrive with them too. The object + goal is to thrive more + reduce our struggle with them.

So I am going to hit you up with 4 ways you can protect your happy vibe that I learnt today! I literally learnt these things just a little over 1 hour ago via a livestream training with my #SpiritJunkie guru & unofficial mentor Gabby Bernstein. I attended the livestream training – live obviously + throughout the 3 hours of the event held in NYC I was a part of a community very much like our twitter communities + our blogger communities. Being a part of this community allowed me the time + space to lift my own vibe + learn new tools to raise my vibe daily + maintain it.

So do you want to know how you can keep your happy vibe high? I know you do because we ALL want to be happy + when we do feel happy we want to stay that way. I will just say that I know that we can’t be happy 100% of the time + it’s so important to feel what we are feeling whether it’s what we would call a good feeling or a bad one. But when we are in that happy + positive zone we can use these 4 things to stay there or equally to get there if we are fed up of the feeling bad vibe we’re in. I’m so excited to share these with you because I know you are going to benefit from them + I know that by sharing this with you it will remind me to use them myself!

  1. DISENGAGE with the drama – Instead of talking about the politics/war/annoying partner/financial worries/fear/anxiety/traffic jam/road rage/ (insert own ‘drama’) we should just stop engaging with it. Decide to stop talking about it. That convo is leading you to more drama, more stress, more fear, more anger, more fear, more anxiety. Stop talking about it, stop engaging with it. Change your focus to something else. For example; instead of talking about how much you have to do at work tell yourself ‘I have lots to do at work + this is because others see my skills + talents. I can do these tasks to the best of my ability. I can ask for help if I need to. I enjoy my work. Even though I could feel stressed about everything I have to do, I can choose to enjoy each task.’ Literally talk yourself to a better place.
  2. Be Aware of the Vibe Around You – Literally become aware of what is being said around you, in conversations, in the media, on TV, on social media + then check in with yourself. Ask yourself if that’s a conversation you want to be a part of. If not, divert your attention elsewhere. Do not add fuel to the fire by raging that ‘you don’t want to hear about all this drama – you’re not going to say anything’ because that is engaging with it – and you need to recall tip 1 – DISENGAGE.
  3. Be Aware Of Where YOUR Attention Is Going – Where are you focusing our attention? Are you looking for the news stories that freak you out or anger you? Are you checking your phone constantly for the social media post that you are sure is going to be shared about you? Or are you looking for the positive news? Are you reading positive, happy, inspiring novels or self help books? Are you blogging about happy topics? Or are you adding fuel to the fire?
  4. Meditate + Forgive Yourself + Others Attentions – Forgiveness does not mean condoning what’s been said or done. It’s a method of release. It’s allowing you to move on + focus your energy + attention elsewhere. If you forgive yourself for the negative/angry/anxious/stressed thought you had, then you remove its effects – it removes the hold over you – you stop judging yourself. Which means you’re free to move on. This applies to everyone. You + others. Directly or Indirectly.

What I love about these 4 tips is that if at first one doesn’t apply to your situation, it will gradually tie in later as you progress through protecting your high happy vibe. I can’t wait to put these into practice – Monday. I know I am going to need them Monday. But I now know what I can do to protect my Happy Vibe.

So, which one of these do you think you will give a try? Leave a comment below I’d love to know if you use or plan to use any of these tips to keep your happy vibe.
Over the coming weeks (days!) I will be sharing more tools + insights into what I learnt today and in other trainings I’ve attended.

Speak really soon, 

Little Miss Sunshine 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. kiran says:

    Thanks for the tips and I am planning to try the 4th tip.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Little Miss Sunshine says:

      You are so welcome Kiran, glad you find them interesting. Tip 4 – forgiveness is so important. Let me know how you get on with the practice of it x

      Liked by 1 person

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