The Most Thrilling Book I’ve Read This Year – The Break Down by B.A. Paris


Hey Beautiful Soul,

Life’s a bit up and down at the moment – it’s pretty normal when you have anxiety for it to be like that, so I have a number of things in my ‘happiness toolbox’ to use to bring me some much needed peace + calm. One of those things is reading. I’m not too fussed what genre it is really – but it just has to hook my attention. I’ve not ever shared my thoughts on a book before on my blog but this book – The Break Down by B.A. Paris had such an effect on me I have to.

This book is actually being marketed off the back of the hugely successful + horrific Behind Closed Doors yet I really believe after reading The Break Down that it has the immense ability to sell itself. I’ve not read Behind Closed Doors yet – my Mum has it, but as it is about what goes on behind closed doors in a marriage – I’m not – I don’t think I yet brave enough to read that. A few of my online friends know why – + I’m guessing you can probably guess why.

Anyway, I started reading The Break Down on Wednesday + I got to 74% into the book  by the time I’d snuggled into bed (with the lights on – ahem) + fallen asleep. I finished the rest off in the morning on my way to work + during the morning at my desk – Shhhh don’t tell anyone I was reading the most “gripping thriller of 2017” instead of working!

This book was so fast paced + utterly gripping that I could not put it down – literally! It usually takes me about a week or two to read a book so for this to have taken less than 24 hours really tells you how amazing this book is. I slept with the side light on next to my bed + still managed to have nightmares about being watched. It really scared the hell out of me!

The story centres on Cass as she’s on her way home in her Mini Cooper – but decides to take a route through the woods to get home. She passes a car that’s pulled over in a lay-by, so she stops but as the driver does nothing to signal distress she drives on home. The next morning she discovers from her husband (who had called her the night before with a migraine so he slept in the spare room) that there was a murder along the road by the woods last night. A woman in her car. Safe to assume Cass discovers the woman she passed in the car is the same woman that was murdered.

Cass then has to deal with the grief + guilt of not doing anything. She thinks she’s going mad. She forgets things. Her mum had dementia. Her husband makes her go to the doctors + gets pills to help calm her down. (Jeez – i’m not doing this book half as much justice as it deserves!) There is so much going on in the book – it’s why I had to keep on reading! A long story short – Cass discovers that the people close to her are not who she thought they were but with her ‘early onset dementia’ can she figure it out in time?

What scared me the most was the fact that the more I read, the more I was ‘becoming one’ with Cass – I was terrified to walk around my house without shutting the curtains & locking the doors. I slept with the lights on. And I was just so desperate for Cass to figure it all out. I wanted her to be OK. And I wanted to just know who the hell killed that woman + why it was having such an effect on Cass – because Cass had no idea.

The ending was bloody brilliant! I was squealing with delight + getting all excited at my desk at work – I must have looked like I was a cross between winning the lottery and needing the loo!!! I do kind of want to give Behind Closed Doors a go now, I just need to pick up the courage (+ the book from my Mums!)- + I definitely will read any future books by B.A. Paris now. Without question. What it has made me question even more is just how well I know people around me…I feel like I’ve become Cass. Whilst I’d like to follow her story + catch up with her in 5-10 years into her future, I just think she deserves a break. She deserves to live her life in peace + be happy – I feel like I’ve intruded on her life far too much already…look at me talking as though she is real! Look what it’s done to me!!

Have you read The Break Down yet? Or have you read Behind Closed Doors? Is Psychological Thrillers your cup of tea? What do you think of them? I’d love to know if you’ve read either of these books…Thank you for reading my post about this book. Definitely highly recommend you read this book.

Speak Really Soon,

Little Miss Sunshine



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  1. lolitambonita says:

    This sounds like such a read. Like you I am not fussed about genre any book with the ability to.engross me is a winner. I read The Girl On The Train within 48 hours the quickest I have read a book in years! X
    Lola Mia //

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Little Miss Sunshine says:

      I have heard such good things about The Girl On The Train but I’ve not read it yet…no wonder I feel out of the loop 😆 x


  2. Oh you must. Its amazing. I was totally behind in reading it too but I could not put it down. We should do a book swap?! lol x
    Lola Mia //

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Little Miss Sunshine says:

      Haha We totally should! I will make an effort to read it now! I’m rather excited now! x


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