I Feel I Need to be Less ‘Me’


Hey Beautiful Soul,

In my short time blogging I’ve discovered so much about myself + I feel I’ve shared a lot about myself too whether that is through my blog here or through my interaction on Twitter (You can tweet me here at @LottieSunshineS ).

I’ve never made the promise to reveal my identity facially + I still don’t plan on showing who I am but that’s with good reasons. I have a past that makes it hard to trust anyone. I’m not going to elaborate on this any more than saying I am a Domestic Abuse survivor. But even if I wasn’t…I shouldn’t have to reveal my identity to be anymore of a ‘good blogger’ or person should I?

I know that seeing accounts without pictures of who the person behind the handle is can be unnerving + I respect that, but it’s too much for me. I feel safe being behind a curtain so to speak. If there’s anything I’ve learnt in my life it’s that my sense of security + safety is paramount. So if that unnerves you – well…that’s not my problem. I’m sorry. But it’s non-negotiable for me.

Now, Pursue Happiness Now is about my journey to happiness, about what I am doing to become a happier person. But I feel I’ve overshared many times. The more I share who I am, the more I feel out of control. If you follow me on twitter you may notice I can have a ‘naughty mind’ + be a tad sarcastic. But that’s me. Even as a domestic abuse survivor – my ‘naughty mind’ is my way of taking control of my own power, my femininity, me. But I guess, yes, I can be … unstoppable I guess. I think I definitely need to become less ‘ME’ than I am being right now.

I hear bloggers saying that we need to be ourselves more + share our personal stories. I get that + I applaud it. But it’s not for me. Not right now. Not yet. That doesn’t mean I’m not being authentic – I am. I mean, I will share my journey, my ‘life’ in some circumstances, but in truly being myself – naughty personality and all – well I think everyone’s had enough of that to be honest. I definitely need to at the very least tone down my personality – it’s a tad overpowering. I can be… well…just simply TOO MUCH.

I’m not sure how else I can be me without being too much me. For now I’ll have to take it day-by-day + see what happens.


What do you think about this? Am I right to tone down my personality online? Maybe you’ve seen my tweets & think ‘hallelujah – she’s going to shut up a bit more!’ – What’s your opinion on being you or being too much of you online?

Should it be; Lottie More or Lottie Less?? 


Speak Really Soon, 

Little Miss Sunshine, 


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