Pivoting Your Perception = More Happiness


Hey Beautiful Soul,

I had a choice of about 5-6 topics for today’s post + the one I have for you is about the process of pivoting your perception in order to become happier!

I feel really happy just writing this for you which in turn is increasing my happiness so I know that I’m sharing the right thing today. It’s my intention + my mission to inspire you + give you the tools you need to use on a daily basis that will help you become happier. Happiness is everything!

OK, so the process of pivoting is something that I’ve learnt from first hand experience which will be the main chunk of this post, I’ve also learnt it from new thought teacher, speaker, unofficial guru of mine Gabby Bernstein + also from an alternative thought author + channeller known collectively as Abraham Hicks. I like to share where I’ve learnt it from so that if you feel called to you can head off + do your research + see if it resonates with you! It might, or it might not! Either way is perfect.

So, the process of pivoting is where we make the conscious effort to turn our attention away from the fuckety thoughts + occurrences in our lives to a more positive + energetically attractive thoughts + experiences we want to experience.

Here’s how I actually did this in my life + created positivity + happiness in just a few days!

It’s no secret that things have been a bit …well fuckety for me lately, and last week I shared how I’m making the effort to change that. I decided to pivot every day, all day, + it created monumental change in my life.

I began my new routine at bedtime when I’d read a positive + uplifting book (At the moment I’m reading; Money & The Law of Attraction by Esther + Jerry Hicks – Abraham Hicks) even just a few pages. As I start to feel sleepy I switch on an audio I found on YouTube of a bedtime 1 hour routine by Abraham Hicks – it really calms you down. I was asleep within 5 minutes but it continued playing for 1 hour to my subconscious. It’s not hypnosis – I was just really relaxed + quite frankly, frigging knackered!

I woke up the following morning + whilst I felt really anxious + like a panic attack could begin at any moment as I thought about the day ahead. So I began to pivot.

I thought about all the positive aspects right in the present moment;

This bed is really comfy. My pillow really supports my head. This duvet feels so cosy as I wrap it around me. I’m so nice + warm in this bed. I have a really pretty bedroom. I feel so relaxed. I had a good sleep last night. The sun’s shining, looks like it’s going to be a nice day.


I continued like this all morning. Looking for the positive aspects of my day – warm cup of tea, tasty breakfast, gorgeous clothes, healthy body, great hair, pretty make-up…etc etc.  

What I found was that throughout my day all these tiny blessings happened.

I went for a lunchtime walk into a little shop local to my work, I’ve only been in there a couple of times before but on this day – the day I pivoted – the shop owner asked me if I minded watching the shop for 5 minutes whilst she nipped to get a coffee from next door. Of course I agreed + I felt so blessed that in today’s society this woman knew she could trust me to watch her business for her + placed her trust completely in me.

Then I was being served in the supermarket after work + the cashier said how shiny my hair was & that my skin was glowing. She wanted to know my secret + I told her it was nothing special – which I now know it was – something she knew anyway as she told me “You must be radiating from within, it’s what’s inside you that’s spilling out into your beauty” which really made me so happy to hear!! !

What a beautiful compliment to receive!

I then had a brilliant day at work, the photocopier never jammed once on me (haha), technology played nice, I even managed to receive another compliment from a guy who told me I looked delicious in the dress I was wearing!

I’d gone from having the shittiest day – literally day after day, it felt like groundhog day! – to having one of the best days this year! And all I did was pivot my perception.

So, why not give it a try, pivot your perception, look for the positive aspects of your day, of your circumstances + then let me know what happens for you!
Speak Really Soon, 

Little Miss Sunshine, 



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