My GirlBoss Working Wardrobe -Take 1 Outfit


Hey Beautiful Soul, 

My plan to totally GirlBoss 2017 got me thinking about how I present myself at work. I believe that performance can be better if you feel more capable, + as any woman will tell you…wearing the right heels or flats! or the right lipstick can boost self confidence no end!

My day to day wardrobe is usually black trousers with heels with a nice blouse, perhaps a smart cardigan or jumper on chilly days. This is comfy, tidy and ‘professional’ for working in an office.

There’s nothing wrong with this ensemble, but I don’t feel very GIRLBOSSY in it! I don’t feel like the professional I aspire to being. If you’re following me on social media or have read some of my previous posts, then you’ll know that I’m re-training to become an accountant who aspires to become an auditor. But does my everyday working wardrobe reflect that? Perhaps not as well as it could.

My wardrobe is full (literally) of clothes + I don’t wear half the clothes as often as I should or could do. So perhaps the key for me is to wear more instead of just letting them hang there never to see the light of day?

However I wanted to share one key outfit that I think is ultimately the most girlboss outfit for where I want to be professionally, + also one that I can mix n match to dress up other workwear.

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This dress is by Joanna Hope + it cost £120 for the set! Which is an absolute bargain!

The dress is separate to the jacket, so I can easily wear the jacket with a nice white blouse, black trousers + heels to dress the outfit up a bit for in the office, or I could wear another jacket / cardigan with the dress + heels for a different look on the dress.

As you can see, the dress fits my curves beautifully, and has a gorgeous texture to it. Not to mention the chanel vibe it oozes.

Absolute favourite GirlBoss outfit for my working wardrobe + career path I desire!

I plan on sharing more insights into my working life + my pursuit of happiness in my desired career along the way. If you LOVED (or even just liked) this post please show it some love as it’s my first ever fashion blogger post, + I’d like to do more from time to time if you enjoy them.

Speak Really Soon, 

Little Miss Sunshine, 


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