Manifesting: Clarify What You Desire


Hey Beautiful Soul, 

I wanted to carry on posting about manifesting your goals/dreams/wishes/hopes in life as my previous post; Manifesting: Divine Intervention was a huge success (in terms of my little blog here).

I was so moved by those of you who commented on my previous manifesting post + shared with me + my readers what you want to manifest this year. Is it a surprise that no one said they wanted to manifest a million pound or a sports car? I don’t think so. All we want is happiness really, + that seems to come in the guise of more confidence, the chance to use your voice for good in the world, more love or romantic love.

I wanted to give you all the next step in manifesting – getting clear. In the first instance we know what we want. I love the saying from Abraham Hicks when they remind us that now we know what we don’t want (when you experience or witness something that you don’t want), what is it that we do want? And we reply with; a caring respectful handsome guy who loves me, or I want to be more confident. But we need to be clearer than that.

Think of it as saying that you need to go shopping – that’s great. But what for? What do you need to buy? The same is with manifesting + figuring out what you do want in life. If you don’t know what to do next or what you actually do want, a quick way to work that out is to think about what you don’t want, for example;

I don’t want a man that treats me badly, I don’t want a guy who tells me how to dress or how to wear my make-up, I don’t want a guy who hurts me, I don’t want a guy who makes me feel nervous being with him…  

OK so now I am starting to figure out what I do want.

I want a guy who knows how to treat women well, a guy who treats me well, I want a guy who respects me + my choices. I want a guy who complements me because he genuinely thinks I look good, I want a guy who is tender, gentle, + caring with me, I want a guy who I am able to relax with, I want a guy whom I feel safe being around, I want a guy who can make me laugh,…  

Do you see how I started to get clarity + also work out what I do want? That’s what you need to do.

So if you want to be more confident – elaborate on that. Why do you want to be more confident? What does ‘being more confident’ look like? What does it feel like to ‘be more confident’? 

Grab a journal or notebook + write down you clarity list. Test it out perhaps for the week ahead. What do you NOT want the week ahead to be like? Then quickly flip it on it’s head + write what you DO want the week ahead to be like. You could even do it daily if you like.

The next thing to do with your list is to read it regularly – I read mine every morning over a cup of decaff + toast. I find it keeps it in your mind for the day ahead so you become more mindful of what you want to achieve.

If you want to post in the comments below your clarity list then please do so, we can then all amplify your clarity + cheer you on.


Speak Really Soon, 




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